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K1 Music

Instructor: Sofia Ruff

In this class students will learn about and be introduced to the world of music. The objectives of this class will be learning about different instruments and what they sound like, identifying simple musical styles, becoming familiar with musical notation, and more! The goal of this class is to create a foundation of musical knowledge and introduce students to the many aspects of music.


While this class is educational, it is also meant to be a fun and engaging class that will help foster a love for music!

Hi! My name is Sofia Ruff, and I am so glad to have the opportunity to teach a music class for Vector. I have been studying piano for fifteen years and have recently completed my Associate’s of Music degree at AWC. I have been teaching private music lessons for the past three years and I find a lot of joy in being able to share my knowledge and love of music with others, especially beginners. Music holds so many valuable lessons and can be such a powerful tool in life. My goal when teaching is to present the many aspects of music in an easy-to-learn way; music is for everyone! I look forward to helping students learn about music in a fun and engaging way.

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