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Intro to Ethics
(912 Ethics/Econ) 

Instructor: Anngie Sorrells

Intro to Ethics (Christ in Culture) 

Our world is ever changing, opinions and laws fluctuate like seasons.. how do we govern fitting in and yet knowing this world is not our home?

What happens when something is unethical, unbiblical yet legal or seems emotionally moral?

In this class we will discuss the many terms, different definitions and different applications of what we hold to be true, right and good vs what we value and how we live. How are we to be relevant in a world with a cultural view so different from our own ethics, morals and values? What really defines these things?

Is it our experiences, what we learned from a coach or parent or a teacher? How does social media cause bias and conflict from what we hold to be true?

I’ll be asking the hard but very relevant questions “What say you?” And “How then shall we live?”

There will be reading and research, class discussion will be focused on truth above all else. There will be two main papers due. I believe in quality over quantity in words, saying the most with the least is how I prefer to learn and teach.  Several open discussions, use of media: movie clips, political and religious posts, Instagram and other social media platforms…There will be topics that (while we tend to shy away from) are necessary to face and see the world view and put it up against God’s view. (Act 17.)

I'm finishing up research on the best resource text for the class to use. I will use many references in this class such as; Francis Schaeffer, C.S.Lewis, Wayne Grudem, Oswald Chambers. A.W Tozer, Rosaria Butterfield, Jackie Hill Perry and many more. We will also be looking at powerful wordly/public leaders and what their actions show us of their ethics and character. My goal is that the Word of Truth matched with the Spirit of God changes hearts and minds to speak the truth in love and to have God's heart for the world we live in. We were born for such a time as this. Esther 4:14


Anngie Sorrells Bio:

I'm from the beautiful PNW and love all things outdoors but definitely prefer the warm over cold. I met my Husband in the Seattle area 21 years ago, when I was stationed at Ft. Lewis and He in the USMC at NAS Whidbey Island. We have three children (arrows) who have been homeschooled through most of their years. (Pre-k through 12th in 2023) I am a lover and friend of Jesus, who once was very lost, but now found and made new. 2 Cor 5:17  My life is rooted in the love of Truth and how it has fully set me free.  Teaching is a passion of mine, not just to teach but to connect with and inspire a love of learning in my students. I have taught many classes including; Science, Finance, Budgeting, Investing, Taxes, Fallacy and Art of Argument, Public Speaking and Debate. I have also coached Volleyball and Softball for a local Christian school. I love Theology when met with the love and heart of God. I believe God's Word is our best tool in this life and useful for all things,

2 Tim 3:16. 

It truly does complete us!

2 Peter 1:3

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