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(912 Bible)

Instructor: Kayla Perez

The main textbook for this class will be the Bible. In this class students will learn how to interpret scripture using the main principles of interpretation such as historical context, original audience and original language. As an end of the year project students will be able to put their interpretation skills to work as they debate each other with opposing opinions on common “grey area” questions that aren’t explicitly answered in the Bible.

I’m from Colorado and love snowboarding, hiking, and just being outside in general. My husband, Brad, and I originally met in high school. I went off to college at Ozark Christian College and graduated with a Bachelors in Christian Ministry. Brad joined the Marine Corps in the meantime and we reconnected after I graduated. We got married in 2019 and now have two kids: Conway, 2 and Palmer, 1. I worked in ministry a couple of years, but most of my work experience has been as a teacher; from teaching English in Japan to substituting elementary in Florida. We’ve been stationed at MCAS Yuma for about 2 years now and have enjoyed creating a community here

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