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Practical Shop, Fabrication, and Design
(912 Shop)

Instructor: Paul Mondragon

In this class, students will get real-world experience and knowledge in manufacturing. This will range from conceptual design to actual CAD design to fabrication. Students will engage with actual shop equipment such as welders, sanders, hydraulic saws, CNC press brakes, metal shears, lathes, mills, forklifts, threaders, and other items. Students will be exposed to these tools, be basically trained on these tools, and will have a basic idea on what it takes to get from an idea in the head to an actual item in the hand. In the process, students will get exposed to the steps on starting a fabrication business and the opportunities that can result from such a decision. Students will together build a project from start to finish.

Paul Mondragon is a farm-raised native of Colorado who served in the USMC, is presently pastor of The Rock Church, and is also the owner of 210 Companies. These experiences have resulted in inventions for the Dept of Defense, starting various businesses, engaging in manufacturing, serving the agricultural sphere as regards food safety, and giving him a visionary perspective/passion for creativity. The practical shop class to be taught at Vector Academy will be a great opportunity to teach students how manufacturing works, from conceptual ideas (head), to design (how), to an actual item (hands). In this class, topics and experiences will range from CAD to welding, from press brake operation to fine thread operations, and from running a business to serving others.  Paul lives by one biblical fact that he works to convey to others: "Our gifts that we possess are not for us but for others; discover them and use them to the glory of God (Eph.2:10)".

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