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Poetry and Oral Presentation
(23 Poetry&Present)

Instructor: Helen Shaya

Communicating involves four areas: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Using story and poetry, we will practice listening and speaking, with some reading.


We will be practicing listening and speaking by executing short (1-3 minute) presentations exploring and implementing the first two stages of the Canons of Rhetoric...invention and arrangement.


The content and instruction will be kept developmentally appropriate. We will also be practicing listening and presenting etiquette.

Poetry exploration and memorization skills will also be explored as part of the oral presentations.

Greetings! My name is Helen Shaya and I am excited to offer an opportunity for your children to explore the different modes of communication, which include reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our family has explored many, many books together over the years. The conversations and activities that we have done together are by far the most memorable experiences in their home education. I believe great literature can be the glue that brings a family together.

I have home educated my own two children during their whole academic career. My son is currently serving in the United States Air Force and my daughter is enrolled in college classes, pursuing her passion.


My experience also includes tutoring English grammar, IEW (writing) for the Classical Conversations program and teaching various co-op classes over the years. I earned a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood at Moorhead State University in Moorhead, MN.

I serve a mighty God and have been serving Him for decades. I believe and trust in
Jesus Christ and share in His ministry to teach and bless the children and adults
He has entrusted me with. To Him be all honor, glory, and praise forever!

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